Objective – Secure stronger retail support for products around the racing timeframe and drive increased consumer purchase while leveraging a partnership with Nabisco and Chevrolet.

Solution – Since NASCAR has strong appeal to the same target audience: families with kids 6-12, develop a sweepstakes targeting this audience and have the fulfillment coincide with the race season finale at Homestead, FL. To rev up the promotion and strengthen the partnership with Chevrolet, consumers were also given the chance to win one of Tony Stewart or Ryan Newman’s favorite Chevy’s.

Hanes & Charlotte Motor Speedway Sponsorship
Nabisco & Chevrolet Co-Marketing Promotion
Barely There Smart Girls Tour
Jim Beam 1100 Promotion
Cargil & Darlington Raceway Signature Burger
Hanes & Checkers Sponsorship
American Commercial Lines Race Entitlement